In the world of tech, QR (Quick Response) codes sometimes get a bad rap. No one quite knows what they are or why to use them. But here at Kubity they are the key to everything we do, and smartphone users are starting to catch on!

QR code is the trademark name for the boxy barcode system invented in 1994 by Toyota’s Denso Wave as a fast way to track vehicle assembly. Unlike traditional barcodes, QR codes can hold up to 100 times more data and can be digitally scanned this makes them the perfect delivery system for 3D models. 

When a model is dropped into the Kubity desktop app, it is automatically assigned a dedicated QR code. Then it’s safely locked away, just waiting for the right person to come along with the key to open the door that’s the QR code. This code creates a shortcut for a user to scan with the Kubity mobile app for instant offline access. Only a person who has the QR code can view the model!

The QR Code in Action
Scanning a QR code is as easy as 1, 2, 3…  

  1. Open the Kubity mobile app
  2. Click the QR code icon at the bottom of the screen
  3. Hold your phone up until you see the QR code on your screen
  4. The QR code is scanned, and the model is added to your library!