Think of Augmented Reality as a close cousin to Virtual Reality — in the same family, but totally different. While VR aims to immerse you in a virtual world,  AR uses technology that overlays digital information on top of a real-world environment.

Kubity’s AR function allows you to place your 3D model onto your current surroundings using the camera of your mobile or tablet – and it could just revolutionize the way you work! Imagine heading to the job site with your client and being able to show them exactly how your design will look in a real world space with just the swipe of your finger.

This solves a problem all architects encounter – getting a project from the screen to a physical space! As we continue to develop this technology, we envision a world where AR revolutionizes construction and the design process;  where it’s intuitive and easy to adopt to workflows. Let’s take a quick look at how it works on the Kubity mobile app:


How do I view a model in Augmented Reality?

Simply open the model on your mobile, then slide the orange arrow tab across the screen with your finger. Your model will now be overlaid in your real-world environment as viewed through the camera of your phone or tablet.

How can I change the view of my model in AR?

How do I take a snapshot of my model in AR?

Tap the camera icon in the middle of your screen to take a snapshot of your model. The image will be automatically saved to the camera roll of your mobile phone.