Darren White is Principal at Baseplate, skatepark and building design agency, based in Melbourne, Australia. Having used Kubity for a few years, he loves being able to communicate his designs to anyone not trained in interpreting 2D plans…

I use Kubity for all my skatepark and residential work as it’s the most efficient and effective way to show a client the design. 

Using SketchUp Pro I put together a design package that has the traditional plans, elevations, etc and include a link to the Kubity model – which is exported from SketchUp with one click. It has great lighting and material representation without doing any additional work.

I had a builder ask about a difficult roof intersection as they couldn’t see what was happening behind an area that was obscured on the 2D elevations. I sent the model to his phone and instantly got a message back asking if I do this for all my designs…

How does Kubity enhance your projects?

It gives me the ability to communicate the design to anyone. It can be hard from some people to interpret 2D plans (if you are not familiar with reading them), so having a 3D of the actual building is extremely valuable.

I usually show a version of the building with the roof on and the roof off, so my clients can look at the overall building and also walk themselves through each room.

The skateparks look amazing and give a greater sense of the space which is important to show how it will function and flow. Sharing the 3D with the skaters on their phones at community meetings is an important step in handing over ownership of the design to them too.

It’s fast, easy to use and contains a bit of magic.

After using it for a few years now, I’m still impressed when you scan the QR code and it pops onto your phone (or someone else’s) in a couple of seconds.

Check out some scenes from his building and skatepark projects above. Links are at the bottom of the page.

What do your team say about Kubity?

I love it. It’s my favourite app and I’m so thankful that Lauris from Constructo Skateparks put me onto it when he visited Melbourne a few years ago.

What do your clients say about Kubity?

“Wow” and “That’s very cool” are the two most popular reactions from my clients.

Have you used Kubity in other projects or are you planning to?

I plan to use Kubity as long as I’m designing; it’s my favourite app on my phone and integral to the work I do. To the Kubity team, thank you for making this – it’s amazing!


BASEPLATE are a skatepark and building design agency, based in Melbourne, Australia. Check out some of his projects with the following Kubity models – 


Kubity is the first mixed reality multiplex; a mobile, desktop, and Internet-based 3D model-sharing application and service that allows instant visualization across multiple devices: desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, augmented reality gear, and virtual reality glasses.

Kubity has practical applications for architecture, interior design, engineering, product design, film and video games among others. Users create 3D models using SketchUp or Autodesk Revit software.

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