At Kubity, we have a passion for productivity. When great apps get together, your entire work day goes more smoothly. That’s why we’re happy to introduce Kubity Mirror—the all-new screen mirroring companion app for Kubity Go.

With Kubity Mirror you can easily sync your mobile or tablet to a model, then control the model from your device to give vivid presentations on a bigger screen that everyone can see together. Stop huddling around a desktop and start sharing your vision in a way that excites!

Present Big from the Small Screen

This new tool also gives you the ability to take clients and team members on a walk through your latest designs from a distance. Simply ask them to head to, and share the mirror code they see on their screen with you. Tap the mirror code into the Kubity Mirror app and you’re in control!blog

With Kubity Mirror you can turn and view your model from any angle or from a birds-eye-view. You can present room by room in big screen style — all while comfortably controlling the presentation from the palm of your hand. 

Easily connect by scanning a QR code or entering a six-digit number displayed on the receiving computer. 

Two Ways to Sync: 

mirror app blog  From desktop to mobile:

Give client presentations in big screen style with complete control from the palm of your hand. Presenting your 3D models has never been easier.

1. From your desktop web browser, go to 

2. Then open the model you want to mirror in your Kubity Go app.

3. Click the ‘Mirror’ icon and enter the Mirror code shown on

4. Wait to sync, then present!

From mobile to external device: 

This way to sync is especially useful for giving remote presentations via conference call or Skype. Simply ask your client to open the website and tell you the code they see onscreen. Tap the code into Kubity Mirror and you’re in control!

blog2Get Kubity Mirror on the App Store or Google Play today!

Not yet a Kubity User?

Visit to get your free trial today! We’re compatible with Windows and macOS and SketchUp and Revit design software.

To get models on your mobile device with Kubity Go and our companion apps for AR, VR and Mirror, you need to have the Kubity desktop application.

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at:

Happy Sketching!

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