With the latest Kubity PRO update, your PRO account becomes even more powerful. Now you can access your model library right from your browser. Export a model with the Kubity PRO plugin and view everything all in one place. Easily add QR codes to PDF files or send model links to your email without ever picking up your phone. 

Better Control of Your Models

Your designs, your ideas, your models — now you can access and control everything right from your workstation. To access your model library, click on ‘View My Account’ from the Kubity PRO plugin inside SketchUp or Revit. Then click the ‘Models’ tab on the window that opens.

Send a Link

Now links are available from your PRO account as soon as you export, so you can open a model right in your browser. Or copy and paste the link directly into an email to send out your designs fast.

QR Codes, Quicker

With QR codes in your PRO account, you can quickly add them to PDFs and other documents in a click. Just copy and paste, or take a screenshot.

Edit, Protect, Delete

Rename a model. Add a password. Delete all together. Right from your PRO account.

Kubity PRO is the one-click 3D communication tool.
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