Now it’s easier than ever to manage Kubity PRO and your other Powered by Kubity extensions. With the latest Kubity account update, the whole family of tools are at your fingertips, up-to-date, and available right from your workstation.

How to Access Your Kubity Account

To access your Kubity account, simply open your SketchUp or Revit software, then click your Kubity PRO, rvt2skp, or 2VR extension. In the pop-up, click ‘View My Account’.

Redeem & Buy Licenses

If you already bought a license or you’re ready to renew, you can easily buy and redeem right from your Kubity account. You can also find out when your licenses expire.

  1. Click the “Licences” tab
  2. Scroll to the tool you want to buy or a redeem a license for
  3. Click the “Redeem” or “Buy” button

Discover New Tools

Kubity makes several tools to level up your SketchUp and Revit productivity and we’re adding new extensions all the time. To keep you up-to-date with the latest releases, we’ve made it simple to try out new tools as soon as they’re released. To start your free trials, simply click the “Licenses” tab, see what’s available and click the button to try it out.

Manage Your Models

Your designs, your ideas, your models — you can access and control everything right from your workstation. To access your model library, click the ‘Models’ tab in your Kubity account.

🔗 Sending Links
Links are available on your Kubity account as soon as you export, so you can open a model right in your browser. Or copy and paste the link directly into an email to send out your designs fast. To access the model URL, click the ‘Share’ icon.

🤳🏼 Share QR Codes
You can quickly add QR codes to PDFs and other documents in a click. To access the model QR code, click to open the model in your browser, then right-click to save or screenshot the QR code.

✏️ Edit a Model
Rename a model. Add a password. Delete all together. Right from your Kubity account.